Upward Bound- Collaborate for Success

Mission of program: Create a long term relationship with our neighboring public schools. Our goal is to provide additional resources for the students of Platt and Maloney high schools, and to support our local Upward Bound program. Upward Bound specifically supports low-income and first generation college students.

Description of program:  There are a number of different components to our program

1) Upward Bound Saturday Session: plan and implement  monthly lessons plans to at our monthly Saturday sessions. We teach math, current events, psychology, hard sciences, and lots of other subjects depending on the interests of our teachers! Typically we teach the lesson to four groups of 20 students each

2) Tutoring Upward Bound students: work with one or two students on a weekly basis on the subject they need help with

3) Tutoring at Platt and Maloney High Schools once a week. This is a drop- in session so students just show up after school when they want to

4) New opportunity! Maloney hs has asked us to begin working on Saturdays with students who are at risk of failing Algebra II, which they need to pass to graduate

All of these programs are new and your involvement can help it take shape in the direction you want it to go in!

Age group served: High School

Time commitment:  There are many different opportunities within this group, and your time commitment can be on a weekly or monthly basis. The monthly commitment requires more outside preparation.

How to get involved: Contact Leah Temes

Contact info: ltemes@wesleyan.edu