Green Street Arts Center

Mission of program:  We seek to offer an eclectic mix of events, exhibitions, classes, and workshops to a diverse population, serving local individuals and families, as well as people from more than 25 surrounding towns. Green Street enables people from diverse backgrounds to converge in one special place, a place that celebrates diversity, encouraging us all to learn more about our community, appreciate people’s differences and similarities, and respect who we are as individuals.

Description of program:  In conjunction with the City of Middletown and the North End Action team, Wesleyan students who aid in the Green Street after school program engage with various different roles. Wesleyan students have the opportunity to lead as teachers, be teaching assistants, and work with children one-on-one through academic tutoring. Mainly serving Middletown Public School youth from diverse backgrounds, we hope to engage with students on an individualized personal basis with a goal of exposing program participants to new art forms and activities they would otherwise not have a chance to engage in. Classes at Green Street range from Hip Hop and Breakdancing classes, Arts (painting, mask-making, art & science), Improvisational Acting, and Cultural immersion courses, such as African Drumming and Spanish.

Age group served:  : 1st grade through 8th grade

Time commitment: 1+ hours a week (as many as you want!)

How to get involved: Send all questions to

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Contact info: Coordinators: Codi Leitner & Kobi Bordoley

Green Street Arts Center

Wesleyan University
51 Green Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-685-7871
Fax: 860-685-7875

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