Breakthrough Collaborative

From Lorena Martinez, director at Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano:

“In October, I transitioned from Program Director to Director and in January we hired a new Assistant Director, Bryan Boyce.  Although the program has experienced many changes recently, we very proud of our accomplishments. Within the past couple of months we have written a new strategic plan for the program, we are in the process of establishing a Board of Directors and we made partnerships with local high schools so we can better track and support our College Bound students. In addition, Bryan and I applied and received an AmeriCorps grant that will allow us to hire two VISTA members each year for the next three years at no cost to the program.

Currently we are in the process of recruiting and filling these two VISTA positions. I was wondering if you all could help us with this process. If you know of any recent college grads who are passionate about education and would be interested in working for Breakthrough SJC please send us their information and let them know about these two positions.

This is an AmeriCorps VISTA position so you must apply through the AmeriCorps website. You may use the two links below: [more info: Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano Community Partnerships Coordinator_job description] [more info: Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano Volunteer Coordinator_job description]

I am also attaching a job description of the two positions [above].


Thank you so much,

Lorena Martinez”