Name/class year: Babette Audant ’92 (B.A. COL)
Contact information:
Current position: Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY; Executive Director, Center for Economic and Workforce Development (a program focused on helping under and unemployed adults succeed on their career and college pathways)
Other experience in education: Taught for CUNY’s Online Baccalaureate Program, involved in multiple cross-disciplinary research projects at CUNY

Name/class year: Rebecca Coven ’13 (B.A. English & Sociology, certificate in the Study of Education)
Contact information:;
Current position: Research Assistant in the K-12 Education Policy Area at MDRC
Other experience in education:
Research Assistant to Professor Daniel Long (education research)
Intern at the National Center on Time & Learning
Tutor/Coordinaor for WesReads/WesMath

Name/class year: Rebecca Lange ’13 (B.A. Psychology & Philosophy, certificate in the Study of Education)
Contact information:
Current position: Research Assistant with Facing History and Ourselves (“an international non-profit  headquartered in Boston that teachers kids about social justice and teaches teachers how to teach about social justice. [Rebecca is] doing psychometric/psych/social science research evaluating the impact of the programs on students in the classooms around the world who take classes using FH’s curriculum, or whose teachers have been trained by FH.”)
Other experience in education:
-Research in Anna Shusterman’s Cognitive Development Lab at Wesleyan
-Research in Yale’s Mind and Development Lab
-Research in Professor Stemler’s Psychometric Lab at Wesleyan
-Peers for Queers (leading discussions with Middletown High School students about sexuality and gender)

Name/class year: Erika (Kika) Stump ’94
Contact information: or
Current position: Research Associate – Center for Education Policy, Applied Research & Evaluation – Univ. of Southern Maine
Other experience in education:
M.Ed. – Secondary English
PhD student – Public Policy, concentration: Education Leadership
10 years teaching high school English – Maine public schools
3 years adjunct instructor Maine Community College – Humanities
3 years assistant coach, Bates College

Name/class year: Madeline Joy Weiss ’09 (B.A. Sociology and Math)
Contact information:;
Current position: Data Analyst, Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Columbia University Teachers College
At CCRC, she has worked on a variety of both quantitative and qualitative research projects. Some highlights:
– An experimental design evaluation of developmental summer bridge programs for graduating high school seniors who weren’t college-ready
– Estimating the labor market returns to community college credentials using administrative data from three states
– Mixed methods research examining program structure in Washington community and technical colleges
Other experience in education:
She got her start in education research back at Wesleyan, working with
both Professors Daniel Long and Steven Stemler. She says, “they’re great
resources and amazing people, so take advantage of them!”
Comments: “CCRC is a bit of a hybrid between an academic and a policy center. I’m
happy to share my experiences with students who might want more
information on the differences between academic, policy, and
practitioner career paths within the broader education research world
– distinctions I’m not sure I realized existed when I graduated Wes!”