Other nonprofit or consulting work

Name/class year: Grace Asleson ’13 (B.A. Sociology and Italian Studies)
Contact informationgrace@sfrbi.org
Current position: Director of Operations at San Francisco RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities), a startup/nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area. In partnership with Major League Baseball, San Francisco RBI brings a vibrant baseball-inspired reading curriculum to youth in under resourced communities. San Francisco RBI believes that all children, regardless of circumstances, should read at or above grade level.
Other experience in education:

Name/class year: Babette Audant ’92 (B.A. COL)
Contact information: Babette.Audant@kbcc.cuny.edu
Current position: Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY; Executive Director, Center for Economic and Workforce Development (a program focused on helping under and unemployed adults succeed on their career and college pathways)
Other experience in education: Taught for CUNY’s Online Baccalaureate Program, involved in multiple cross-disciplinary research projects at CUNY

Name/ class year: Kim Carrell-Smith ’79
Contact information: kwc2@lehigh.edu
Lehigh Community Fellows Program
Maginnes Hall
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Current position: Director, Community Fellows Program and Professor of Practice in Public History, Lehigh University
Other experience in education:
Community Schools movement in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton/Bangor area). Compass (COmmunity PArtners for Student Success) has won national recognition for its leadership in this model, which seeks to turn every CS into the hub of its community, building strong neighborhoods in which all families and children find support and connections that will lead to stronger communities and student success. See www.unitedwayglv.org/Partners/COMPASS.aspx.
For more on national Community Schools models and initiatives see

Name/class year: Peter C. Cherr ’79 (B.A. Philosophy)
Contact information: kylotoo@aol.com; 48-42 44th Streeet, Apt. 5J, Woodside, NJ 11377
Current position: Interpersonal communications and organizational behavior consultant; in April 2013, retired as a New York City English teacher
Other experience in education:
Set up and ran the Time Education Program for Time Inc.
Set up and ran the performing arts program and was an English teacher at Pomperaugh High School in Southbury, CT
Union representative for the New York school that he taught at

Name/class year: Andrew Frishman ’97 (B.A. Biology)
Contact information: andrew@bigpicturelearning.org
Current position: Director of Program Development and Innovation at Big Picture Learning (www.bigpicture.org)
Other experience in education:
2011-present Doctoral Candidate, Education Leadership, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
2007-2011 Educator/Administrator at The Met Sacramento (www.metsacramento.org)
2002-2006 Educator at The Met High School, Providence, RI (http://metcenter.org/)
1999-2001 Educator at Hackley School
1997-1999 Educator at Renbrook School
“I work with Big Picture Learning (www.bigpicture.org) and am excited
to talk with Wesleyan alums (and others) who are interested in
learning more about our work across the US and internationally to
transform, re-imagine and fundamentally redesign education in the
United States, Big Picture Learning’s (BPL) vision is to catalyze
vital changes in K-Adult education by generating and sustaining
innovative, personalized learning environments that work in tandem
with the real world of their greater community.”

Name/class year: Rebecca Graziano ’87 (B.A. American Studies)
Contact information: rebecca.graziano@pearson.com
Office #: 201 236 5578
One Lake Street
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Current position: VP, Product Development, Instructional Solutions, K-12 Math and Literacy, Pearson North America
Other experience in education:
-18 years in product development including literature anthologies,
writing programs, elementary integrated curriculum, math intervention,
digital products, professional development, and assessment
-5 years teaching grades 6-12

Name/class year: Keith Lee ’09 (B.A. Economics)
Contact information: keith.won.lee@gmail.com
Current position: Currently live in Nanjing, China working as a private college counselor at New Oriental Vision Overseas. Works with students who want to go America for their undergraduate degree.
Other experience in education:
Taurus Education

Name/class year: Kathleen Mozak-Pezza (’97) (Bio and E&ES)
Contact Information: kmozak@wesleyan.edu
Current position: Curriculum Director for the Somers Public Schools in Connecticut
Other experience in education: 10 years as a biology and earth science teacher in grades 6-12 and 2 years as a building level administrator

Name/class year: Angela Penfold ’93
Contact information: angelanollpenfold@yahoo.com
Current position: Working in education consulting, evaluation, program implementation for RMC Research in Portsmouth, NH
Other experience in education:

Name/ Class year: Linda Perlstein (’92) (GOVT)
Contact information: lindaperlstein@gmail.com
Current position: Consultant, self-employed
Other experience in education: Education writer, The Washington Post
Author, Not Much Just Chillin’: The Hidden Lives of Middle Schoolers
and Tested: One American School Struggles to Make the Grade
Public editor, National Education Writers Association