EdConnect Student Spotlight: Alanah Hall ’15


Name: Alanah Hall
Class year: 2015
Major: Neuroscience and Biology
Summer work: Breakthrough Cincinnati

I am working with Breakthrough Cincinnati. Breakthrough is an academic enrichment program that aims to improve the educational and social opportunities for high-potential, highly motivated middle school students who are entering grades 6-9. There are many branches of Breakthrough all over the country. Students are tutored during the year and participate in a 6 week summer program. During the summer students take english, math, history, science, a foreign language and an academic elective. These courses are taught by high school and college students who have been accepted to teach at the program. I am teaching 7th grade science and the academic elective creative writing. Seventh grade science is a physics curriculum and the classes are small, the biggest one I teach having only 8 students. The hardest parts of the job have been figuring out how long different lessons will take for students to learn and being sure to challenge each member of the class though people work at different rates. The best part of the job has been seeing students really excited about material and working to motivate each other. Meeting with the students’ parents during each student’s individual student-led conference was also an incredible experience. The students responded really positively to hearing all of their teachers give them feedback, praise and even prompts. I think it meant a lot to them to see how much attention their teachers paid to them and how much we all care. This teaching internship has given me so much respect for all teachers and has really made me appreciate the education I have received. Prepping for classes, teaching, being responsible for students and grading everyday is a lot of work that often goes unnoticed. Though I’m still not sure what career path I want to follow teaching at Breakthrough has been a wonderful experience and has enhanced my understanding of the importance of education. I think this will cause me to bring even more enthusiasm and confidence to my own classes at Wesleyan for the next two years.

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