Job Opportunity- Part Time Teacher

From Bobbi Teva:
About the actual teaching position I will need to be somewhat vague, as we do not yet have a sense of the class for next year.  Ideally we would want someone 2-3 mornings/week on days that we meet (Tu/Th/Fri).  The focus would be math/science, and the student would be absolutely free to develop his or her own curriculum, teaching these subjects in creative, fun ways to our 5-7 yr. old kids.  As an educator, I’d also be happy to offer guidance, and would serve in a supervisory role.
If you know any students who are interested in this possibility, it would be wonderful for them to stop down some time in the next few weeks (before they leave campus for the summer) to see our program in action, and for us to meet them.  We are located just a few blocks from campus, on Pearl Street, and meet Tu, Th, Fri 9-2.  That way we would at least start the connection, and then could be in touch over the summer as we get a clearer picture of what our class will look like in the fall.  Just for perspective, our current group is 6 children ages 5-8.
I am not certain what kind of pay we could offer, as that again is linked to the number of kids we end up with in the fall.  We would certainly offer some kind of stipend to a committed student, at the very least, and deep gratitude for sharing her/his knowledge and passion, as well as a wonderful opportunity to experiment with teaching in a warm, creative environment.
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Bobbi Teva
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